AXE Body Spray, Deodorant, Hair, and Shower Gel Products

Confidence = AXE.

Radiate rockstar vibes all day long from the moment you hit the shower with AXE shower gel.

Create irresistible hair ladies will be begging to touch with AXE hair care and styling products.

Stimulate her senses and stay reassured all night long with AXE body spray and deodorant. Smell great knowing AXE is working overtime to protect you from perspiration and keep you smelling fresh into the night.

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New AXE Peace™

axe peace

Make Love Not War with New AXE Peace™. Take part in #AXEPOSEFORPEACE in support of Peace One Day. Visit or follow us on Instagram @AXECanada to learn more.

Ready to keep up?


Be it a tireless Party Girl, a studious Brainy Girl, or a High Maintenance Girl, the hottest girls are the most demanding. So recharge with AXE shower gels, and stay at your best.

Give your friends Premature Perspiration

Premature Perspiration

Put their faces in our videos, then watch them sweat.

AXE Anti-Dandruff

anti dandruff

AXE Anti-Dandruff Shampoo offers pyrithione zinc-based dandruff control. Because girls don't dig flakes.